How to Find Me

According to my SiteMeter reports these Google searches found me: Emotionally+Unavailable trailer+trash+blog new+year+resolution+quiz kmart+buffalo+snow thamiris Six+Feet+Under+second+season Grey+Bird ian+mckellan+is+a+fag Hmmm… weird, but not horrid. Yet, anyway.

Using Blogger?

If you are, you’ve certainly noticed that there’s been a few problems lately. The site was hacked and passwords were stolen, the server has been down a few times, and sometimes you can’t login or if you can, you aren’t able to post. I’ve heard people complain about spending a long time writing a fabulous… Continue reading Using Blogger?

Public Privacy

I’ve been reading other people’s blogs and my girlfriend has noticed a few times. The other night she finally asked what I was doing. So I explained that I read journals online – other people’s journals. And so it goes: “Why would you do that?” “Because it’s interesting.” “Why would they do that? “They want… Continue reading Public Privacy

First Blog

Been thinking about trying blogging for a while… so even though I have a million other things I should be doing, here I am. Being able to spew whatever whenever is pretty appealing. Like you have stuff you want to say but don’t really care who, if anyone, is listening. Sorta like having a conversation… Continue reading First Blog