Help, I’m stuffed…

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and I can’t stop eating! 😉 Oh, Thanksgiving, when we give thanks for how glutinous (wait, not gluey) gluttonous we are. This year my mom was home so my girlfriend and I went there for the day. It was lovely, and everyone contributed to the dinner. We made the stuffing, my friend made veggies, mom […]

Mixed Reviews

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… on the weekend. Not fun: One of my tenants moved out at the beginning of the month and I am just now getting over to the house to clean up his apartment so I can rent it out again. I doubt very much he’d cleaned the place in over a year, or maybe not […]

Brownie Tip

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Resist the temptation to cut brownies while they’re still warm. Sure, they taste great, but they crumble all over the place. Better to wait ’til the brownies cool off, then they’re a little firmer. (You can always reheat in the microwave if you want it warm.)

Hot Date!

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Time to wrap up the work day and go out to buy the expansion pack to one of my favorite games. Yesterday Maxis released “Hot Date” as an add-on to The Sims. I was actually pissed last night when I remembered I’d forgotten to go get it. Like I get pissed when I remember I’d […]