Mixed Reviews

… on the weekend. Not fun: One of my tenants moved out at the beginning of the month and I am just now getting over to the house to clean up his apartment so I can rent it out again. I doubt very much he’d cleaned the place in over a year, or maybe not at all in the three years he lived there. Mile high dust, grody stove and fridge with caked on UFOs (unidentified food offal), filthy floors, windows, etc. It took me over two hours just to clean the refrigerator. The guy didn’t trash the place or anything, just normal wear and tear, but he sure didn’t put any effort into cleaning.

Fun: My dad turned 65 and we had a great dinner celebration. Then I went to see Harry Potter with my girlfriend and another friend. It was fantastic, very faithful to the book. I had bought tickets online a week ago at Fandango, paying an extra 0.75 per ticket, because we thought the theater would be mobbed and the show possibly sold out. The theater we went to was showing it on four screens! And it was empty – less than 2 dozen people altogether. We’d even gotten there 45 minutes early.

Fun: Got up late on Sunday and lazed around, watched some taped TV. One tape was the first of the new episodes of Absolutely Fabulous on Comedy Central. Absolutely hilarious, I had really missed this show. On the Comedy Central website they have synopses of what think they happened to Eds and Pats from 1996 to 2000 – it is too funny. The other show was ER, one of our favorites. My girlfriend thinks Kerry Weaver is gonna get hooked up with the female firefighter from last Thursday’s episode. She totally needs to get over with the “oh, my God, I’m a lesbian” realization now and deal, and now that she’s been through the first relationship she needs another soon ‘cuz the producers shouldn’t just let it go as a ‘temporarily lesbian’ storyline. For great, cutting commentary on ER episodes see the alt.tv.er web pages.

Not Fun: A bit later in the day I had some freelance work to do and my girlfriend had to write a paper for school and study for a test. Instead, she picked that time to pitch a fit about the house needing to be cleaned because my mother was coming by to drop off some plants. At the time I happened to be on the phone with a friend I hadn’t talked to in about 2 months. It was like someone had flipped a switch, we were having a nice, happy, cuddly day one minute and the next she was running around with a dust rag and flipping out. This was school stress and she was wicked the rest of the day. On one of the lists I’m on we’d had a conversation about the volatility of Geminis just last week – I’d joked about Dr. Jekyll and Ms. Hyde. This time the joke was on me and by the end of the day I was exhausted and upset. Today she apologized and brought me Wendy’s and sponge candy.