Life by the numbers…

Mostly in threes.

On Monday, my third sick day of this year, I managed to complete three month’s worth of Quicken entries and reconciliations.

On Tuesday, my third vacation day of this year, I went to the casino for the second time in a week and won $300. Unfortunately, I’ll be using the money to pay my contractor friend to install the rest of the insulation I’ll be getting next week. It was only supposed to be backordered for three weeks. It’s been almost three months.

I will have worked three days this week, two of them will be at a training class out of the office.

I have lost 33 pounds.

This is my third post for July. Bah.

I have yet another new online addiction: Settlers of Catan (or Die Siedler von Catan) online at S3DConnector. I’ve managed 16 games in two weeks, of which I only won ONE! Anyway, I’d love to have some gals to play with… Jael? Deborah? Bombed Empress?


  1. Wow, that’s a significant loss. Good for you.

    Through some unusual circumstances I am now the owner of two parakeets (both male). Do you have any parakeet expertise and or tips?

  2. 33 pounds….FANTASTIC!!!!!! you must be feeling good.

    anyway, i got my own threesome (as it were)….3 weeks, 3 guys…..hmmmm, maybe I should have kept that to myself? anyway, bored with them…off to find me a new one now…. 😉

  3. As usual, I’m days late and dollars short, but I’m nevertheless overflowing with good wishes upon hearing about your impressive weight loss, GB. I hope you’re feeling great!

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