Oh, those Canadians!

Sick Canadians try to return their ‘lids’ to the grower, pot found to be “disgusting”.

You know, it doesn’t surprise me that the Canadian government would grow shitty pot. No, not at all. Any goverment that grows marijuana would never bother with properly cultivating the best varieties. Governments excel at mediocrity. Why would this be any different?

What blew me away was this bit at the end of the article:

Meanwhile, Vancouver inaugurated North America’s first government-authorized drug-injection site Monday. The controversial government-funded project will give users injection kits and allow them to shoot up under nurse supervision.

Drug users sometimes use dirty needles and water from puddles to shoot up. Now, addicts wanting to use the new facility will be ushered into a brightly lit room lined on one side by open, mirrored booths where they can inject drugs.

After finishing, they will be taken to a “chill-out room,” where they can receive counseling and peer referrals.

Really? How can they think the user who just booted smack will want counseling?

(Props to my friend JEM for the link.)


  1. It may not be a perfect system yet, but I applaud the Canadian government for beginning to treat drug use as something other than a crime or a sin. We Americans are spending a fortune making drug dealers rich and poor neighborhoods dangerous in our "War on drugs". Strange how the term "drugs" never includes the two substances that cause the most problems: alcohol and tobacco.
    Excuse me while I slide on over to the "chill-out room."

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