Another Unintended Blogging Vacation

I haven’t had much to say to be honest. Same drivel, different day.

Labor Day weekend sort of sucked. We never got it together to go to my family’s cottage in Canada this year. By the time we seriously thought about it, it was too late for Mel to get the time off from work and there were no pet sitters to be had. Instead, we ended up doing an overnight with some of Mel’s friends at a state park campground about an hour south of the city. The park allows leashed dogs, so we could actually go. However, supervising three dogs that could not be let off leash except inside the rented cottage was a pain in the ass. Just tying them up wasn’t an option, as one would have chewed through any tether that wasn’t metal and another would have just barked.

Aside from this, the weather was nicer than expected. To everyone’s joy, Mel cooked venison roast and a generally pleasant campfire evening was had by all.

When everyone was packing up to leave the next afternoon, I opened my big mouth and told one of Mel’s friends that she should return the Kendo sticks she’d borrowed from Mel a while ago. She’d brought them camping and had put them back in her car when packing to leave. I noticed this and said nonchalantly “Hey, you should have put those in our car.” I did this because the borrower had already said, only somewhat jokingly, that she wouldn’t be giving them back when Mel had previously asked.

Another friend piped up that they would soon be buying their own set, implying that the borrower should be allowed to keep Mel’s set in the meantime. “Oh, that’s good” I said and went inside the cottage for the sleeping bags. By the time I came back out the sticks were leaning against my car. After that, things wound down quickly and everyone dispersed. The mood had changed and the borrower was brooding, obviously perturbed. “F*ck her” Mel had said, annoyed that her friend would be annoyed over having to return them.

It was pretty stupid, and not a pleasant way to end what was supposed to be a fun little trip. Thankfully, things have been smoothed over since.


  1. I think your friends must be my friends. My friends behave like that all the time, prompting me to meditate on the meaning of true friendship. Sigh.

    Keep well, Bird.

  2. That can be so frustrating. I think a lot of folks have lost the sense of common courtesy and respect we had for our friends and neighbors when I was a kid. Sad.

  3. This is the reason I don’t offer to lend anything to anyone… and beg off lending anything if asked. I find it odd how the lendee forgets that they don’t own what they borrowed. And then they have the audacity to be bothered when you ask for your own property back. Putzes.

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