What a Relief

I figure if Karen can talk about “Lefty” then I can talk about peeing…

I’ve been having some trouble. A week ago I went to see the doctor. I peed in a cup, answered a load of questions and gave some family history.

“yeah, urgent not frequent, no burning, no itching”

“no, I don’t drink more than 2 cups of coffee a day, and diet cola not quite daily”

“no, I’m not on a diet”

“no, I’m not especially thirsty”

“uncle is diabetic, grandmother was too”

The office tech didn’t find anything wrong with the sample so they decided to send it out to a lab. Based on the answers I gave and the fact they hadn’t found anything, the doctor seemed to be leaning towards my problem being an indication of a pre-diabetic state (even though I didn’t have all the symptoms). Call in a week for the lab results, she told me. In the meantime, follow a low-carb diet for a week to see if that helps.

So, I did. Well, tried to anyway. While I felt marginally better from the improved diet, it didn’t resolve my intermittently recurring problem. That doesn’t mean that Mel and I didn’t panic in the meantime… Holy shit, what if I am diabetic? I already know that baked goods, juices and other high carb stuff makes me feel crappy and causes me to fall out. I already know I feel better on diets that are low glycemic index carb, like the Zone or a 40/30/30 diet. The family history is there.

I called the doctor today for the test results. You can’t imagine how happy we were to learn that I have a common bladder infection. Antibiotics for two weeks? No problem. Still, given a week’s reflection and some internet research on diabetes, I think I’ll try to keep the diet. It’s time, anyway.


  1. Whew! Antibiotics instead of insulin! Way to go.<br>Be sure to get some Diflucan for the inevitable apres antibiotics curse.<br>

  2. Sometimes, the world gives us an early warning… I’m not medically trained, but I think definitions like "diabetic" really depict being in a range of inneficient insulin production or use. It isn’t prudent to think that since you have not hit a certain number, no concern should be had. You realized with the occurence of this unrelated problem that you DO have an issue, and you can affect change. Knowing all you do now, about the precursers in your life… you are wise to behave in a manner that avoids the problem altogether.

  3. Glad to hear it’s just a pesky bladder infection, GB. But also glad that you’re considering taking some steps to hopefully forestall a bigger potential health problem. Not that it’s the end of the world, but diabetes is serious stuff and is no fun … or so I hear. 🙂

  4. The Princess is Type 1… has been since she was eight years old. she is a marvel at controlling it.<br><br>it helps that we can both eat the same things, as we don’t eat read meat… and i prefer low-carb foods, due to the fact that i’m hypo-glycemic, and tend to crash if something is too high in carbs or sugar…<br><br>it also keeps the weight off!<br><br>diflucan — the best thing since sliced bread.

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