Sometimes I hate technology…

I wrote the post with the amusing details from the weekend. I was a paragraph away from finishing it but had to leave work to take the puppy to have her stitches out. (Yes, I wrote it at work. See what I do you for you Sal people?) As is my custom, I saved the post to a text file and emailed it to myself at home. I intended to retrieve the email later, finish my entry and post it. I rarely write in the Blogger interface because it’s so unreliable. More often than not, hitting the ‘Post’ button will permanently vaporize whatever you’ve written.

I got home and checked my email. Nothing. Okay fine, there’s a bottleneck somewhere, it’ll show up eventually. After a while I decide to login to the office email gateway via the web and retrieve the post from my sent mail folder. Crap. It seems the website is down and so is the email gateway. Hmmm… I’m the webmaster… I guess I’ll login via VPN and noodle around, maybe restart the web server. Oh damn, VPN is down. Stupid ISA server has been having big problems lately and is probably down too. Let’s see if it responds to a ping. Nope, no response at all. Could be the ISP though, the networking people have been bitching about them lately. How far will a trace route get me? Ooooh, all the way through our ISP, the route dies just before it gets to us. Clearly, we have a problem. There’s also nothing I can do about it.

My post is simply unavailable. So, you’ll just have to wait. Believe me, I’m as unhappy about it as you are.

To top it off, I broke my rule of not writing in the Blogger interface so the first version of this post went into the ether when my computer crashed. I’m not having a good night.


  1. so… you’re saying the goofloffer got snorfed while jigging with the bomspabber and caused the nerflinger to flimbangle?<br><br>oh.

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