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On the way home tonight I traveled a route I don’t normally take in order to stop and get some fabulous bread. As I was driving down the road, I started to notice that every half-mile or so there was a sign posted that read “Evacuation Route” with what looked like a snowflake or an asterisk (maybe a modified nuclear symbol?) in the lower corners. I’d never seen these signs before, they’re brand new. The road I was on is one of the major arteries leaving the city. I’m wondering what the evacuation route is for, a terrorist attack? Where does the route end? After seeing the third sign it occured to me that I was traveling north. Strange, I thought, that the evacuation route was to the north because in 20 miles you’d be swimming in Lake Ontario. I’ll have to follow it sometime to see where it really ends.

3 thoughts on “Hmmm…

  1. Hmmm…maybe whoever put up the sign is hoping for a lemming effect into the lake. *shrug* let us know what you find.

  2. lol @ Roni. i remember seeing them in Houston. they were to direct you away from an incoming hurricane. it would be interesting to find out what they’re for in your area.

  3. I have seen those too… mostly in Florida but also have seen them in parts of Ontario – lemme know what you find out 🙂

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