Bigger = Fall Harder

Put the wrong shoes on to take out the puppy. The ones with no tread that are really slippery when the ground is wet. There was snow on the ground. I was walking around behind the puppy. She stopped to pee, I took a step towards her and my feet went out from under me. I went down hard. Fell on my left wrist and backside pretty hard. Nearly fell on the puppy. That would’ve pancaked her for sure! I could just hear it too… “uh, honey? I squashed the puppy.” It happened two hours ago and I’m still aching. Clumsy oaf.


  1. She’s a mini…why don’t you just get a litter box for the winter, or one of those wee-wee pads they sell for small dogs?

  2. Maybe you can fence off a tiny area in your backyard with chicken wire and have the baby pee out there during bad weather. Or wear golf shoes when you take her out.<br>Hope your wrist and arse are okay. Can we see pictures of her in her sock?

  3. Ooops, sorry I just spotted the pics link.<br>Egads, she looks ferocious. Will you be getting her little ears docked?<br>The sock picture makes me want to kiss her right on the little lips.

  4. Thanks all. It’s just the stupid shoes – Stegman clogs – they’ve made me fall before because they have no tread. I like ’em because they’re easy to put on but I forget I need to be careful when it’s wet outside.<br><br>I’m still aching today and forgot to grab more aspirin before I left the house.<br><br>We’re against the litter box idea or using newspapers indoors. It just prolongs the house training. We don’t have a fenced in yard either.<br><br>No to the ear docking. We had thought no and then the vet said no.

  5. must be something in the air. i wear cloggish slippers in the house. yesterday i tripped going UP the stairs. i’m such a doofus. hope you’re better soon!

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