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Bizarre stuff: Cattle mutilations back. Ranchers, lawmen baffled by crimewave. Whaddya think? Sickos or aliens? I vote for sick aliens myself because I just can’t imagine a person wanting to surgically core a cow’s a**hole, no matter how deranged.

Outcry over pets in petfood. It’s pretty disturbing to know that when you have to put Fido to sleep and don’t take care of laying him to rest yourself that he could end up in Rover’s food. Hmmm… as I recall, mad cow disease was caused by feeding cows food that contained diseased renderings from other animals including cows, pigs and sheep. Supposedly that stuff ends up in pet food too. Even worse: ‘The Food and Drug Administration has found “very, very low levels” of sodium pentobarbital–the chemical used to euthanize animals–in some brands of dog food, said Stephen Sundloff, director of the FDA’s Center for Veterinary Medicine. The agency is investigating whether the traces are “of any significance at all,” Sundloff said.’ Don’t assume that the larger commercial pet food companies produce foods that are free of renderings that contain drugs or disease, they may not be fully aware of the practices of their supply chain. Feed your pets an all-natural, organic diet. It’s more expensive, but worth it.

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  1. That dogfood piece was wonderfully exposed in the documentary, "A Close Shave" with Wallace and Grommit.

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