Candy Hearts

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I couldn’t resist grabbing the ACME Heart Maker from Deborah. For a grin, be sure to check out the last 49 hearts made by other people. If you don’t feel like making your own digital nasties you can always get some real ones from Despair, Inc., link courtesy of Suzy.

Make it Loud

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A non-bloggin’ friend sent me to The Lair of the Crab of Ineffable Wisdom today, a site full of funny stuff. One of the featured items in the “Shit is Good” category is Buffy’s Swearing Keyboard. I found the swearing keyboard to be a great way to let your co-workers know what you think. Be […]


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Want to see an old version of your favorite website? Check out the Wayback Machine. This Internet Archive project has cataloged websites for the last five years and has over 100 terabytes of data, the largest database ever built. Unreal. If you’re a geek like me you might be interested in O’Reilly Network’s article How […]

Bust-a-Gut Funny

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I’m dying here… ROTFLMAO, tears running down my face. Francis posted a link to on his blog, How to learn Swedish in 1,000 difficult lessons. Pornolize, like the Dialectizer, changes the text on your site in funny and unpredictable ways. I fired it up, ran this site’s URL through it and nearly lost my […]

Fun with Words

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Check out the 2002 List of Banished Words. I’m thinking some of them should have been banished a long time ago. After you eliminate those words from your vocabulary, review the rules on Thamiris’ Sexed-Up Grammar Guide to be sure you use those that remain correctly. Culled from Blogdex and Clever Little Minx archives.