Bust-a-Gut Funny

I’m dying here… ROTFLMAO, tears running down my face. Francis posted a link to pornolize.com on his blog, How to learn Swedish in 1,000 difficult lessons. Pornolize, like the Dialectizer, changes the text on your site in funny and unpredictable ways. I fired it up, ran this site’s URL through it and nearly lost my mind. Then I ran a friend’s site – check out his job postings (asterisks added for search-engine avoidance):

Now “Mistress An*l” Sex fighting:
· Account “Ass-stitcher” Executive
· Graphic “Suck my t*ts dry” Artist/Designer
· Web Designer/Programmer
· Marketing “Dirk Diggler” Coordinator

Hehehee… I’m off to run a bunch of your sites through this thing! Wheee!


  1. I didn’t get it when I first tried it on FGN, but did when I tried it again from here… really funny!!! I’m trying it on all kinds of sites and having a great time…

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