Down the road… learning stuff?

This week I’m at a conference in Rochester, for the second year in a row. So far, the best part has been having a hotel room to myself. My own bed. No dogs, parrots or Mel banging around. Quiet… aaaaahhh. Of course, I miss them. 😉 That’s not to say that I haven’t learned something and am enjoying the conference, too. I am, really.

The best presentations I’ve seen thus far have been centered around blogging and using WordPress as a content management system. It’s a hot subject right now as higher ed institutions try to incorporate blogging into marketing efforts by putting up student blogs and publishing their print magazines online. I wish that I could do more with that at work but the combination of the gun-shy administration (“What, let students blog on our website?”) and not having the right technology (LAMP) makes the sale pretty difficult at the moment.

Tonight I’ll be having dinner (Indian!) with some fun folks from the company we purchased our online calendar system from. We’re in a beta program with them right now for another product so I deal with my account rep and the product support specialist a lot. They’re both a hoot and I was pleased when they said they wanted to take their favorite client to dinner. Should be a good time.

After that, assuming we don’t drink too much, it’ll be back to my nice quiet room for some time with my current online obsession.


  1. Guildwars?!?!?! You should play Bounty Bay Online with us! Pirates… swashbucklers… ships… adventure… crafting… pretty girls… killing frogs… everything a gamer could ever want! hehe

    I know how you feel about traveling. I used to enjoy the downtime and at the same time, missed my kids incredibly. Kind of weird, but I think we need time alone here and there to remind us of how important those that are around us are, and how empty our lives are without them.

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