A Confession

When I eventually put together an ‘About Me’ page, I’ll probably add this snippet of info I’m about to share. Consider it a sneak preview. Never mind that I haven’t gotten around to doing that “100 things about me” meme or put up a cast of characters page in the 5 plus years I’ve not been writing this blog.

Ready? Drumroll…

I love flannel nightgowns.

Really. I love those floor length, comfy and warm flannel nightgowns. They must be roomy and cannot have elastic at the wrists or have scratchy lace but otherwise I’m not picky. I’m delighted when I find plain cut versions that are a solid color or plaid but generally they’re most often floral and ruffled. I’ll wear them from November to April, trading them in for shorter, light weight sleep tees in warmer months. I can’t stand sleeping in pants of any kind and I’m not really bothered when the nightgown rides up around my waist. As long as the legs are free I’m fine.

In my house flannel nightgowns are often referred to as granny nighties and, unless you’re in to that sort of thing, they’re admittedly a bit of a mood killer. And Mel seen a lot of more of them recently while I’ve been sick.

So, the other day I’m lying in bed wearing my favorite sleepwear and she asks me:

How ya doing, Half-pint?

I sputtered; laughing and coughing at the same time while thinking she’s insane. Clearly, I’m not diminutive in any way… if that’s what she’s thinking. Mind you, this is my thought process in the delirium of my illness. Then, a lightbulb of fuzzy logic! Oh, she must be referring to cream, or milk. My nightgown is little, light blue flowers on white with white lace trim. Yeah, that’s it – I’m creamy. I croak a retort:

Don’t you mean two-gallon?

(This in reference to my, ummm, jugs.)

Mel lost it. She was laughing so hard I thought she was gonna fall over.

Later she explained that flannel nightgowns remind her of Little House on the Prairie, hence the “half-pint” reference. All I need is a flannel cap, apparently. Okaaaay… but hey, if I can’t be sexy in a flannel nightgown at least I can be funny.

Describe your sleepwear in the comments please. Be fair and confess! 😉


  1. November through February, I wear big, soft flannel pj bottoms with a t-shirt — nothing else.

    March through October, I wear soft, cotton [large, for plenty of room] boxer shorts and a large cotton tank top. They’re big on me, but that’s because I can’t stand anything tight on me while I sleep.

    No underwear — ever. 🙂

  2. Well, I’m a heat generating furnace at night so during the winter it’s either baggy flannel PJ bottoms or boxers with a t-shirt.

    In the summer it’s nothing, it’s just too damn hot. I can hardly even tolerate a bed sheet.

    And I’m with ya CLD on the underwear thing 😉

  3. I love flannel nightgowns, but mwt made me get rid of almost all of them when we moved (not that we moved somewhere warm, she just saw her chance as we were lightening our load). I used to have 3 floor-length turtleneck flannel nightgowns. They were so sexy. Now I have one flannel non-turtleneck. Don’t tell mwt. It has a collar, so I thought I could save it from the purge. So warm, ah. I think I might go put it on now. Otherwise, flannel pants and t-shirts are what I wear. And really, ever since mwt and I got together the flannel turtles were just too hot to sleep in. She is super hot in bed. Is that p0rn0graphic?

  4. I looked closely at said blue and white nightgown last night. It’s paisley! That somehow mades me feel better. No floral here.

  5. We both sleep in t-shirts most of the time. If it gets really cold we just put another blanket on the bed. Pants were not made to sleep in. 🙂

  6. I rarely comment but I found you from RSG and I had to respond to your question…I wear pants with socks over the pants so they don’t ride up in the middle of the night, a tshirt and most of the time a sweatshirt OVER the tshirt. I’m always cold. How sexy do you think I look in that get up???

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