Yay, Friday


I have to find a birthday gift for my dad today and wrap it before dinner. Yeah, I waited until the last possible second. My step-mother bailed me out though and told me what he wants/needs so I don’t really have to think about it. Sorta crappy of me, though, as I’ve not put in any effort.

So, here’s one of my annoyances from this week, a group etiquette question:

I’m a member of a group that meets weekly to play board games. Usually we meet on Wednesday nights but as the holidays are approaching, we decided to do a all-day Saturday, holiday-pot-luck type game day. The space we normally meet in can’t accomodate an event of that type and length and since we’d used meeting space at my school in the past, I volunteered to get us a space again. I got several possible dates and posted them to our group’s message board. We voted on the date and it was added to the calendar.

A few of our members are also members of another group which meets monthly on Saturdays. Also a game group but the focus of this one is different and they meet at another school. It turned out that the day we chose for our holiday get together was the same day as the other group’s regular Saturday meeting. So, one of the guys who is members of both groups decided we should simply include this second group and posted a message to that group’s leader inviting them.


While the size of the space is not really at issue, common courtesy dictates that you should ask our group’s leaders before inviting another group to our party. He did not. And second, confirm with the host – me in this case – that we can accomodate them. He did not, probably because he’d been to my school before and knew that the space would be large enough.

While not a huge deal, I’ve been peeved about it all week because I really feel he had no business doing that. I don’t necessarily expect my group leaders to say anything to this guy and everyone is mostly okay with the other group coming. But the guy basically added a dozen people to our party by unilateral decision. And I pretty much want to slap him for it.

What do you think? Am I wrong?


  1. I would have kicked his ass. Of course it’s not OK for him to do that!!

    Those additional folks better be bringing food/drinks as well. Are you guys expected to feed them all as well?

  2. Yeah. Rude.

    We’ve been publicizing the event as a BYO for drinks, some people will bring drinks to share, and we’ll all probably chip in for pizza. So it should be fine.

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