Go Democrats!

Mel and I voted this morning on our way home from the pool. We were numbers 52 and 53 for our district.

I’m glad Spitzer won; he’ll be the first Democrat governor in New York in 12 years. He’s done good things for the state as attorney general and I’ve liked the campaign he ran. He also supports same sex marriage and it seems more possible than ever before that it could happen in NY now.

Despite the Democrats taking the House of Representatives, there was one local race where that didn’t happen. Republican incumbent Tom Reynolds won against Jack Davis. I just watched Davis’ concession speech and it seemed like he was on something. His wife and daughter were practically holding him up before he took the podium. His speech was stilted and rambling. I’ve never really seen the guy speak before, so for all I know that could have been normal… he is 73 years old.

The race was not in my congressional district, so I didn’t vote for either. Though I have to admit, Reynolds has done good things for this area.

Let’s hope the Democrats pull ahead in the Senate when the final votes are tallied!

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