So many topics, so little time…

and time is fleeting! I keep thinking I should write about a bunch of stuff and just never manage to do it. Here are the synopses:

Countdown to the Ireland trip is moving along. We’re at 18 days now. All the transportation arrangements, accomodations and most of the daily itineraries have been completed for a while now. Mel and her sister are losing their minds with excitement. As I mentioned previously, the dogs will be staying in a fancy-ass doggie hotel which will suck up a chunk of the vacation budget.

Easter was nice. Given that Mel is Wiccan and I’m a spiritual, agnostic, pseudo-secular humanist with a touch of pagan thrown in, we celebrated with nekkid frolic, a fabulous brunch at an Irish pub and many hours of Playstation2 gaming. Better than church ‘n Easter ham, that’s for sure.

I had to tell my tenant that I wouldn’t be renewing her lease that ends in June. She’s the best tenant I’ve ever had. I felt badly and had been agonizing over telling her. Turns out she’s been looking for a house for the last two months. Traitorous little bitch. Anyway, she is moving because…

My mother is moving into the downstairs apartment this fall. I haven’t lived under the same roof as mom since I was 17. It ought to be interesting. Yes, I made a list of pros and cons and Mel and I have decided that it’s a doable situation. However, one of mom’s conditions for living here is to build front porches on the house. Go to it, mom.

So, we’ve had architect’s plans drawn for the porches and I’m in the process of interviewing contractors for a July start on this job. WTF is with contractors?!? Every one I’ve talked to has had to reschedule their initial appointment with me at least once and/or hasn’t returned an estimate by the promised time. I don’t know how these guys make a living because every one of the four or five I’ve made contact with have had serious lapses in professionalism. So that’s been my major pain in the ass as of late.

I’ve still not finished my taxes. Well actually, I haven’t started but all the prep work is pretty much complete. I expect to have them done by the end of weekend. As usual, I overpaid the goverment and I need my money back.

I have joined a local board game group. I actually meet people face-to-face once a week to play games. This is good because I’ve been getting tired of my computer gaming repertoire. So far, it’s been lots of fun and I’ve met some nice people.

The vet has declared the dogs to be fat, so they are now on a diet. No more treats or table food. Mel and I have decided to try to concentrate on exercise for all of us through the summer and beyond.

We’ve made a number of half-hearted attempts to go back to the South Beach Diet since our New Orleans trip but we weren’t too successful over the winter. We’d originally started the diet last May and did really well with it, so we’re looking to repeat that this summer too. At least I’ve maintained my 50+ pound loss. I’m not sweating it (obviously), after all it took me a lifetime to put this weight on.

I won’t even get into work… It’s just been a drudge so I’ve been blowing off a lot of stuff. There’s a few people who’ve been a royal pain and I’ll write about them sometime when I’m feeling particularly vicious. I did have a high this week though: I got positive, public kudos for my work by our accrediting body when they gave the results of their visit in an open forum for the college community. Phew, I’m golden for a little while longer.

Something you’d like me to elaborate on?

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