L Monday

You are Bette!

You are a Soft Butch with very high self esteem. You are always up to date on your surroundings and you are very in control of your life… or you think you are. Lots of people look up to you and think you are very intelligent. You have to be very careful not to make a one mistake because it could ruin your whole life!

Which L Word cast member are you?
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Stolen from Tracy, who stole it from someone else.

Hmmmm… Well, *I* wouldn’t cheat on my girlfriend, get dumped and pretend to drown myself in a pool. Nor would I ever be as unprofessional as I’ve seen her be – acting all wacko because I have a contract.

Comments about yesterday’s show:

  • Disappointed about Ivan’s return. That whole club scene with Kit, Ivan and Ivan’s girlfriend was stupid. Kit is an idiot.
  • I seriously thought that Tina was putting on an act to scare Helena away after her tryst with Bette. Even though she’d told Bette it didn’t mean anything, it sure looked like it to me. Helena totally had the “deer in headlights” look. Hormonal rage? Puleaze.
  • Somebody in the Shane/Jenny/Mark household should get a real job. They all seem to have psuedo-jobs that they may or may not be working at in any given scene. Shane should really stop telling potential employers to fuck off.
  • Camryn Manheim is cute, even though her character is a huge asshole.
  • Finally, some sex toys! (Enough of the tribadism already.) And the shopping scene was pretty good, education-wise. A nice, quick overview for the uninitiated viewer.
  • Fantasy Prediction: Jenny will write that the actor what’s-his-name is really a big homo and he will put a contract on her, as promised. End of annoying, pseudo-writer character. 😉

Did you watch?


  1. Nope. No TV, and I like it that way. I experience my own L word first-hand.
    But then I’m older than dirt and not looking for role models.

  2. p.s. Did anybody ever get anything out of tribadism? Or is it just a word we all had to look up in the dictionary to clarify what it is that the psych establishment said that lesbians Do?

  3. 1. I am Kit. Bullshit. I am Alice.
    2. I like tribidism, sometimes.
    3. Stephanie if you’d had run off with me back in ’75 like I wanted you to, we’d have a wide screen TV by now. And two Lazy Boys.

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