The L Word

My comments in response to Karen’s L Word blog were so long I decided to post them here instead.

We missed Fat Actress but are set to record it Friday night.

As for the L Word…

Mel has always said that Sandra Bernhard looks like she just finished puking. During her scenes we tend to pause the DVR then click forward frame by frame to find her best awful face — it’s hilarious. Jenny makes us want to puke. We loved when SB told her she was “journaling,” it’s been pretty obvious that she’s been playing at writing all along.

Dana needs to grow a spine and dump Tonya if she really feels anything for Alice. The trouble is that she obviously admires Tonya for what she can do for her and knows that a) Tonya can really promote her and b) that she’ll make Dana’s life a living hell if she’s scorned. As far as I can tell, Alice can’t do shit. Not that a criteria for a love interest should be the ability to further one’s career, but it doesn’t hurt either.

We’re also starting to feel sorry for Bette. Actually, Mel has felt sorry for her all along and she got hooked on the show because of this story line. Now she’s doing the rubberneck at the “train wreck.” The pool scene at the end was a pretty pathetic suicide attempt.

Also, big giggles over Carmen giving Shane a test of her own medicine… with her roomate (even if it was Jenny).

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  1. Bette’s suicide gesture was ridiculous- everyone knows black chicks don’t like to swim- it fucks up their hair.
    Alice is not totally useless to Dana, she’s supposed to be a feature writer for LA Magazine, so she’d have lots of contacts in the media.
    Tonya being a hyper PR maven could do some damage if she was scorned, so we can pretty much count on her getting even with Dana publicly once she finds out her meal ticket is opting out because she’s run off with Alice.
    Major plotline developing there.
    Unlike every living lesbian on Earth, I sort of think Jenny is cute and there was a time in my life I would have fallen for her poor, suffering, artist/waif routine.
    I still think she’s cute but her personality is a drain on my psyche. Gotta ba a Gemini, that character.

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