Saving a warm spot for you…

Saving a warm spot for you...

Mel took this photo and sent it to me today with the title above.

I gave Mel my Treo 600 when I got my Treo 650 and she’s gotten into the whole photo sharing and SMS messaging thing. She even streams LiveIreland internet radio using PocketTunes Deluxe. In fact, Mel’s doing more with the Treo 600 than I did. Mwuahahaha… It’s all a part of my master plan to geek her out. Maybe she’ll even have a photo blog of her own soon!


  1. She looks vaguely prehistoric in that pic.
    If I didn’t already know how cute she is, I’d be slightly aghast.
    I think I prefer her in her pastel yellow pajamas, right-side up.

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