The instructions are there for a reason, idiot.

I get about one of these a month:

“Hello, Webmaster? This is Joe Schmoe, adjunct professor of blahblahblah.” (read: I’m very important.)


“I’m calling from off campus but I’m on our web site and I can’t get into my email. Are you the right person to call?”

“Well, not if it’s really an email problem, but let’s see if I can’t help you.”

I guide the caller through the login process and their email inbox appears before them. Amazing!

“See, you just needed to add the domain name to the login box. In case you forget, that’s noted right there on the login page. There’s also a link to a help page that shows screen shots of the login process.” I am ever so slightly condescending.

By now Professor Schmoe has realized that the instructions were right in front of him the whole time and he’s in a big fat hurry to get off the phone.

Mumble, mumble. “Thanks.” Click.

Here’s what blows my mind: in order to call me he actually had to search our site to find the help desk page which lists my phone number but he couldn’t see the instructions on the actual login page where the “problem” occured.


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