Hello, are you there?

Where to begin?

Let’s see… Verizon sucks. The images and style sheets were lost when I upgraded my DSL speed. Verizon didn’t bother to tell me that the upgrade necessitated a “reset” of my account, so all the images and stuff I was hosting there for this blog (and elsewhere) was deleted. Grrr. On top of that, they lied to me about the monthly cost of said upgrade. Fortunately, I was able to resurrect most of the stuff. But I’m not done with them yet. Yes, indeed – Verizon sucks.

New Orleans absolutely rocked. We hit the ground running every day and saw lots of sights. The food was awesome. Our accomodation was really nice and the host was great. It was an excellent time. Mel and I are both already longing to go back and have been discussing when we can make it. I did keep a little day by day diary of what we did, and had actually planned to post daily updates with my cell phone but was stymied with technical diffculties. Anyway, I may yet post some details about the trip.

I also took a four day trip to Michigan just before Thanksgiving to visit my great aunt. My uncle had gone up north hunting so she was alone. She was feeling good and we ended up running all over the place shopping, primarily looking for a turkey fryer I’d seen advertised at Sears. It turned out to be a wild goose chase, all had been sold out. So, we didn’t get to try deep-fried turkey for Thanksgiving this year.

Thanksgiving was very nice. Mel and I cooked a turkey dinner with all the trimmings. I also made two apple pies. Happily, I got nearer to getting the apple pie right this time than I had at my first attempt. But in the process I managed to set off the smoke detector in the downstairs apartment and fill my tenant’s apartment with smoke. She’d agreed to let me use her oven because she was out for the day. Our friend Jo joined us for dinner and afterwards we watched the newly released Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban on DVD.

I’m going to be an aunt next spring. My brother will finally have his first child at 39. He’d been talking for years about wanting to get married and have kids, and after a few prompts from my mother and my aunt he came to the realization that he wasn’t getting any younger. I believe they’d told him “shit or get off the pot” and “the future is now.” Anyway, I’m glad I’m finally off the hook once and for all.

Mel and I finally finished (mostly) cleaning and setting up our basement. We now have a carpeted work out and yoga space with our treadmill and other equipment, a TV and VCR and some lounge chairs. We’ve also setup my old 20 gallon hexagonal fish tank down there and are ready to go get some fish this weeked. A PlayStation2 is on the list to complete the space but the six places we checked last week were all sold out.

Of course, we haven’t actually worked out yet, but we’ll get there. We’re back on the plan after our vacation and the holiday and have made another set of goals. I didn’t do too badly while being temporarily sidetracked, I’m still at 53lbs. gone.

I’m taking a German class this semester (heh, it’s nearly over!) at the school where I work. I’ve really enjoyed it and am glad to finally be learning this language I’ve wanted to study for so long. It looks like I’ll get to continue next semester as long as my tuition waiver gets approved again.

Once again, I’m spending lots of time playing with a new toy… PalmOne’s Treo 650. Oh, and Sprint sucks too, but I won’t go into that.

Tomorrow after my German class I’ve gotta to pick up a couple of end tables I had refinished, pick up a fresh set of plans at the architect’s office (more about that later) and go grocery shopping.

Phew! I think that’s it for now…

Oh, and I missed my 3 year blogiversary in the middle of November. Bet you all thought I was gone for good, huh?


  1. It had crossed my mind that you had possibly flown the blogging coop (heehee), but I’m glad I was wrong. It’s nice to have you back!

  2. Oh, and for some reason, I get an error message when I try to comment using the Safari browser, but I can comment with Internet Explorer 5.2 for Mac.

  3. Yeah, I was wondering what happened too…Verizon does indeed suck big time…I had them for my home phone, and it ended up that there were tons of hidden fees and charges that they never told me about…now I have digital telephone through my cable company, and it’s much much better…although, it’s not going to matter in a month, since I’m moving….

    anyway, good to see you back!

  4. We watched Harry Pooter last night. GREAT! Yes, Verizon does suck. Big time!

    Glad to see you back. Now don’t do that again šŸ˜‰

  5. Whew! I’m soooo glad you’re back! [And that your graphics and style sheets came back.] Congrats on the blogiversary!

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