What? I have a blog?!

Sorry, I’ve been delinquent again. I’m sure you’re used to it by now.

I’ve lost 43 lbs. No big deal, I’m sure I’ll be fine without them… Frankly, I haven’t looked that hard to find them.

I started at the beginning of May and the original goal was 40 by October 26th. Done. I’m now thinking the total will be 45 by then. I’d say 50 lbs. and could probably do it, but I don’t want to pressure myself or not succeed. Keeping those expectations low, you know?

Why October 26th you ask? Mel and I are supposed to be going on vacation to New Orleans a week. For Halloween. I’ve had plane tickets and B&B reservations since March. Of course, Ivan may fuck that up for us but I hope not. Keep your fingers crossed.

After I eat my way through New Orleans, I plan to continue on my self-modified SBD plan until… well, forever I guess. I may need to sharpen up and be more vigilant if the weight loss becomes too slow, but for right now I’m pretty happy. At some point I’ll add more excercise than just hauling the dogs around the neighborhood. They’re too slow for it to be meaningful for me.

Mel and I have been working on the basement. We got rid of stuff, cleaned and rearranged. Then we laid carpet pad and a rug. Due to some unfortunate calculations on my part, we have much more pad than rug. I left the project in a huff. Now that I’m past the frustration and have decided how to resolve it, we’ll finish it up. Then we’ll clean the dust off the treadmill, weight bench and other stuff, arrange it all nicely, add some lighting and setup up the TV and VCR. When we’re finished it’ll be a pleasant, bonafide workout space instead of a dirty, creepy basement with a bunch of crap strewn around.

Perhaps then I’ll be motivated to exercise.

I’m off now to pick up a copy of The Sims 2 which was released today. Probably not a good idea from the perspective of fueling another computer related addiction, but I can’t resist.

Oh, and don’t bother with either The Village or Open Water. Both were completely stupid.


  1. Good job on the poundage! 🙂

    Now that makes me want to renovate our workout room… it’s just too small. Hmm.

    Both of those movies [I’ve only seen The Villiage] seemed like they were hyped up a bit more than necessary. I’ll wait for Open Water to come out on DVD before seeing it. I’m tired of spending money at the theater and being dissapointed with blah, so-so movies.

  2. Wow, forty + pounds is pretty impressive. Good for you, Bird!

    Sounds like y’all are going to have a great time in New Orleans. I wish I had vacation to look forward to.

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