The paint job is done and my house looks faaaabulous!

I am currently sitting on the couch with a wet, snoozing dog under each arm. Those two filthy little things each got washed in the kitchen sink with some all natural pet soap that had lemongrass and citronella or some crap in it. At least they smell good now.

I thought about going to see Farenheit 911 today. I mean, I’d planned to, but I’ve decided to have some quiet, quality couch time with dogs instead. I’ll probably wait until tomorrow, or maybe Monday when Mel is off so that she can go see the movie with me. What I really need to be doing is balancing the checkbook and paying bills but I’m afraid to after dishing out all that cash to the painter.

When I finally get off the couch later, I may go to the women’s game night at the local Pride Center. I’ve gone to a few already and they’re fun but they also sort of suck. It’s an amusing social time, and the women are nice, but not a one is a true gamer. I’ve gone to the last few with various games in hand hoping to kindle some interest in the stuff I’ve brought but it hasn’t happened.

For some reason, these gals are scared to break into smaller groups and play different games. They insist on playing enormous group games — everyone must be included. That’s the part that sucks. Twelve to a game of Trivial Pursuit, four teams of three people each. Fifteen to a game of Cranium, five teams of three people. Do you have any idea how LONG it takes to play a game that way? B-O-R-I-N-G!

The other annoying thing is the bitches who show up at various times with no intention of playing at all. They’re there for their own agenda, which is either just socializing or they’re some from other group and they’ve come to advertise their group/event. This pisses me off. They gum up the works by distracting people who are/were trying to play causing the games to take even longer.

I was once a serious gamer and played every week with the same group of people. We played so many different, interesting games. I have a closet full of games that I really miss playing but I haven’t been able to find anyone to play them with. So I continue to go to the Pride Center… holding out hope that I’ll eventually meet some women who are semi-serious about gaming, into learning new games, and who might be interested in playing more than once a month.

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