It’s raining contractors!

I’ve had more men in this house in the past 4 months than in the past 4 years (or more)! Furnaces were installed, central air conditioning was installed, the attic was insulated (and that’s not done due to a supply backorder) and now the house is being painted.

My tenants are moving out later this summer and when they go I may have work done downstairs. Depending, of course, on necessity and the state of my wallet.

All the workers have been nice guys. Not a one has given me a hard time or the “where’s the man of the house?” attitude. (Unlike some who came to give estimates but didn’t get the job!) Heh, Mel loves it when some guy pisses me off — she likes to watch ’em squirm and run. It doesn’t happen too often though, and only when I’ve been legitimately jerked around. Anyway, they quickly realize that it’s my wallet and I’m the one to please.

I have the “cool” jobsite: An entrance via the garage, a place to store stuff in the garage and a private “men’s room” and wash-up sink (laundry tub) 4 steps down into the basement. The guys have been appreciative. And once in a while I’ll pass out sodas as I’m keeping an eye on things.

Things are moving along quite nicely. The biggest problem has been the snowball effect. You know what I mean… Needing new furnaces led to the central air decision which led to needing the soffit vent installation and attic insulation. Painting the house has necessitated a number of other minor repairs and has also led to getting new shutters — another $700 I hadn’t counted on! The tenants move will require a bathroom repaint, at a minimum, and who knows what else.

I’ll be able to appreciate it all much better when it’s all finally over and I don’t have to deal with guys everyday. Of course, I can’t count on the recovery of my wallet any time soon.

(Note to the Bombed Empress: You’ve missed opportunities by not visiting more often!)


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