An Update

Time flies when you’re just living, eh? So much for my intentions to make even a small update here every other day or so….

Easter was nice. Not that we celebrated it in any way. It was just a nice, quiet day. I worked on finance stuff and then when Mel got home from visiting her mom we took the dogs for a walk. After that, we went to dinner with my dad and step-mother. It was an early birthday celebration for me. The last time Mel and I had been to the Left Bank was four years ago for our first anniversary. We really enjoyed it then but just sort of forgot about the place. After last night’s meal, I think we’ll have to go back more often. My dinner was awesome – panko encrusted, pan seared chicken breast filet topped with a warmed salad of tomato, cucumber, avocado and arugula with miso dressing and crumbled gorgonzola. Oh. My. God. I’m still thinking about it, a day later.

As usual, my taxes are not yet done. I’ve spent several days preparing to do my taxes and actual tax preparation begins tonight. As long as it’s done by Wednesday night then I can spend my birthday without worrying. I’m getting a refund and it’s already been spent on needed home repairs, so I’ve had low motivation.

Plans for the birthday include a quiet evening at home with a few friends. I’ve only invited four people over and two don’t know if they’ll make it. Casual — drinks, munchies, homemade gourmet pizzas. Mel is deliberating over which homemade dessert to make me: Flourless molten chocolate lava cakes, an almond torte with a chocolate ganache drizzled over it, or a Ghiradelli chocolate cake with chocolate icing. I’ve already vetoed cheesecake, despite the fact it’s one of Mel’s specialties. Naturally, the dessert must involve good chocolate in some form. Your vote?

I’m not blogging much these days because all my online non-work time is spent playing a variety of online games…
– In the last few months, Mel and I have gotten heavily into Diablo2 again along with our friend Alex. We’d been trying to get Alex to play for years and now have finally gotten her to join in our quest to kill. We’ve enjoyed rediscovering the game with her and she’s addicted now too. An all-female party of an amazon, a sorceress and an assassin is a force to be reckoned with. We’re about halfway through the entire game; act IV in nightmare mode and the characters are at level 61.
– I’m still playing There but not as much because of Diablo. Plus, all the people I like to play with are on west coast time so it’s hard to connect with them. I was glad to catch up with and play for a bit with Deborah recently.
Karen and I have a perpetual Scrabble game going. We generally get through a game every couple of days. She got me on the last two but I killed her on the previous three.

I’ve pretty much quit playing The Sims Online. It’s old. I’m thinking about selling my account on eBay. Apparently, an original “founder” account is worth as much as $300. I’m even considering resurrecting Mel’s account to sell. You get 90 days to resurrect an account you’ve closed and I think I have a few more weeks to do it. I’d at least recoup some of the $10 monthly fees for all the months I kept the accounts alive but didn’t have time to play.

We adopted our little Molly dog one year ago tomorrow. Mel wants to take her to the pet store and let her pick out an adoption-anniversary toy.

That’s all for now. šŸ˜‰


  1. Those flourless chocolate cakes are so good they make you wanna slap your grandma, so that one gets my vote.
    Heyyyy, I let you win those three Scrabble games–now that you’re almost 40 it’s time you move up to Big Dog status- no more going easy on you.
    And… it’s hard to believe Molly has been there a year now. Forget the toy, I say take her to Burger King and order her a double cheeseburger.

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