1. I have to admit that I was also very touched by the pictures… the photo of the older couple touched me the most. I can’t imagine living my entire life with someone and not being able to marry then because other people see my lifestyle or choice of mate as deviant. That, in and of itself, is deviant: to deny someone their pursuit of happiness, which (the last time I checked) was part of our Constitution.

    I posted a link (and the picture, too) of that poster as well as a link to the online shop it’s sold at. I think that it’s a really well-done poster, and one that will hopefully go down in history as one that marked an important event that helped bring about true equality for all our citizens, not just the hetero ones.

  2. Hey, have at ’em! The pictures are too happy not to share. I am totally not the softie type and I’m still getting a little lump in my throat after dozens of flips through these galleries.

  3. Ahnold’s saying that he’s afraid that the Same Sex Marriage Rebellion is going to cause "civil unrest". Makes me think that he’s looking for the opportunity to play The Terminator for real. But against who?

  4. Before the imbecile got into office, we gays were pretty docile re: our civil rights. Now that Bush has stirred the pot with his stupid talk of a constitutional amendment, the backlash is precisely what he and his ilk deserve.

  5. "The older couple," Phyllis Lyon and Del Martin, were authors of a book I read in the 70’s when I was discovering my own lesbianism.
    The book helped me to accept myself in spite of the huge stigma society levied on gays back then.
    How nice it was to see them get married after 51 years of being a couple.
    What harm would it do anyone to make their marriage legal?

  6. I showed the pics to a straight colleague here at work and she cried. She also said everyone needs to see those.

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