Holiday Basket Bake-a-thon

Whee… here we go! We’ve started to get the stuff for our holiday baskets together. So far, we’ve made oatmeal-craisin-white-chocolate-chip cookies, walnut brownies, Scottish shortbread, and chocolate butter Thildes (Min-pin shaped cookie cutter). Mel did most of the work.

Oh, and fudge. But that might not make it to the baskets because it’s a first attempt and I think more practice is required before giving something away that’s somehow less than. I just don’t feel like I did a good job. You know what I mean.

Next up is stained glass window cookies, festive rice krispy treats and either chocolate chip cookies with Hershey’s Special Dark chips or some marshmallow chocolate concoction (also called stained glass cookies) Mel made last year.

We may put the cookie assortments in quart-sized canning jars. (We have a shitload of jars we’ll never use so might as well get rid of them this way.) A jar of cookies and jars of jams and jelly (strawberry, blueberry and pomegranate) will be nestled among festive tissue papers in ribbon festooned baskets, and we’ll throw in some candy canes and other prettily wrapped candies for good measure.

I’ll have to post a pics when we’re finished.


  1. great choccy brownies! mmm they didn’t last long. had strawberry jam on my toast this morning….excellent! THANKS!!!!!! 🙂

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