Rest in peace, Chuck

b. Nov 1925 d. 9/24/03

Mel’s dad. An outdoorsman, he liked to fish, hunt and garden. Vast knowledge of nature, passed on his love and wonder for nature to Mel. Loved kids and animals. Had a great sense of humor. (Once told a great-grandson “A booger got it” when asked why part of his finger was missing.) He collected old glass bottles, filling his garage. A kind, loving guy. I’ll miss him, too.

Mel went home to care for her dad this week, just like she does for many other people where she works. She’s grateful she was able to be there with him. So am I.

As I explained in my last post, I hope I see him again someday.


  1. Hey – sorry I’m late. Send Mel our love and sympathies. We’re sending you some as well, Bird. I’m glad you’re both there for each other.

  2. Oh, I’m so sorry. Like you, I’m glad that she was able to be with him in those last days, but I know the loss must be deeply painful for you both (each in your own way). My sympathies to you, to Mel, and to her entire family.

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