There was cool. I need to play a bit more before deciding if it’s for me.

There employs a number of support personnel whose job is to just play the game and hold the hands of newbies. I had several people ask if they could help me, which was nice. It definitely wasn’t like that when I played Everquest. I never did get a complete handle on that game before quitting.

Most of the other players I encountered were new. I met someone who plays Second Life and her impression of There was that it’s not as good. Apparently, if you’re into making objects and have some graphic creativity then Second Life is where you need to play. Supposedly, there are lots of TSO players in both games.

I think I need to reserve my comments about the sound, graphics and game interface of There for another time. I didn’t intend to write a review and since it’s beta I don’t think I’m supposed to anyway. 😉

Bonus: While getting ready to play I found out how much my internet connection rocks. I downloaded the 122 MB game beta in 13.5 minutes. That’s fast.


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