Quiet Sunday in Blogland

Beautiful weather this weekend. Breezy, sunny, not too hot or cold. You can tell summer is winding down.

A trip to the farmer’s market yesterday yielded six pints of blueberries which, when combined with some Mel had picked when visiting her folks on Friday, in turn yielded a blueberry pie and 9 jars of bluberry preserves today. Oh, and a bit of crushed berries leftover that I’ll use to make ice cream.

It was my first pie made entirely from scratch. Mel felt I could make a good pie crust because I have cool hands. She helped with measuring and mixing in the food processor but when it came to touching the pie crust, I was on my own. The Martha Stewart recipe/instructions worked like a charm. I added the pie filling recipe Mel’s mom gave us, and voila! Yummy homemade blueberry pie.

The preserves turned out really well too. This is the third time we’ve made jam so we’re pretty practiced. We’ve done pomegranate, strawberry and blueberry. Next up will probably be peach. Along with another pie of course.


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