Let’s see… where to start?

I’m hot, tired and have miserable cramps. That and the daily 100% humidity have made for a pissy few days.

The Indigo Girls rocked and what an awesome set list. Thanks to my friend Janet, we ended up in the second row just right of center. The sound in the five-thousand seat, covered ampitheatre was amazing. I’m glad it was covered, there might not have been a show otherwise. You could hear the rain pouring down on the roof and outside during quieter songs. This was my third time seeing them and it was definitely the best show yet.

My mom bought a new car so she gave her old one to Mel for the same amount the dealer would have given in trade. Pretty nice of her, considering she could have gotten nearly twice as much if she’d put it in the paper. I sort of insisted Mel take it because she was driving my old car and I had doubts it would make it through the winter. My mom didn’t want the hassle of dealing with strangers anyway. Mel is ecstatic now that she’s gotten used to this boat, a 1992 Buick LeSabre. With working air conditioning!

My aunt and uncle came over from Detroit for the week. They took twelve of us to dinner at the Outback on Tuesday to celebrate my brother’s marriage. Bro and his wife were in town, hauling ass all week to get their place cleaned out for the tenant I found for them.

This city was smack-dab in the middle of the power outage maps shown on TV yesterday, yet we had power. Must be because of our proximity to Niagara Falls, a lot of power is generated there. Local newscasters made sure we knew that local power officials scoffed at the idea that the massive outage was caused by a lightning strike hitting a power plant in the Falls. On a clear day. Seems the Canadians tried to blame it on us. Even the President repeated the lightning rumor during his brief address last night. Did anybody else see this address? What an inarticulate dumbass. He looked like he’d just been shaken awake and shoved in front of the camera and he acted like he was half asleep, or on drugs.

Work is still hell.

Ahnold for govinator? Oh, puleaze.


  1. Not only that, he didn’t appear to know the difference between a rolling blackout and 1/4 of the freakin country going dark. Bwa ha ha rolling blackout, riiight.

  2. "He looked like he’d just been shaken awake and shoved in front of the camera and he acted like he was half asleep, or on drugs."<br><br>I couldn’t believe (actually, yes I could) what I was seeing. What a moron.<br><br>The Indigo Girls always give such a great performance. I can’t wait to see them again.

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