Short Attention Span?

To compensate for my extraordinarily long entry yesterday, I’ll be brief today.

What will Martha Stewart’s jail cell look like? Check out a contest depicting Martha’s New Digs.

Everybody loves lesbians. These two can add Canada to their list of places to get hitched.


  1. i looove the Martha cell decor contest! too bad i don’t know Photoshop.<br><br>and it’s great that Canada has taken this step. but i’ve heard that the US won’t recognize those marriages. which is major BS – the gov’t doesn’t have a problem with Muslims who have more than one wife (married elsewhere) visiting or living in the US. grrr.

  2. Wow, I didn’t know Portia was a thespian. Well, I see at least I’m not the only lesbian on the planet to not know about it. I wish I’d have known that when I was watching Ally McBeal. 😉

  3. Ya. Portia spent some time here in Toronto in our gay ghetto (Church & Wellesley – c’mon up girls) on more than one occasion!<br><br>

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