Blogrrrr & Blogsplotch Headaches?

So, I tried to get rid of the double posting on Karen’s blog. I login and find there’s a new, pretty interface called Basic Blogger. Something must have happened in the transition though, because her post from Monday (which appears twice on her blog) does not appear at all in the Blogger interface. You cannot edit what isn’t there. It seems like she might lose that entry when she publishes again unless it magically fixes itself before then.

Of course, the pretty interface hasn’t been given to Blogger Pro users, despite the fact that we actually pay for the service. Ya’d think we’d get it first, eh? Harrumph.

Along that vein, I have seen massive Blogspot exodus all over the place. Many people seem to be scrambling to get off of Blogspot and away from using Blogger. I haven’t had any trouble actually accessing my blog but I have had trouble logging in to Blogger. I suspect a lot of people will move to Typepad when it’s available.

Myself, I plan to take the hard road and will install Moveable Type (or perhaps B2 or pMachine) on my own server space, and then will import all my Blogger entries so that I can have all my stuff in one place. Because I’m like that. A trial run of an MT install and Blogger entry import went well, so I am feeling confident I can make it happen when the time comes. In addition to making the time come, I’m working through a few problems, one of which is the domain name for the new blog. Any suggestions?

Oh, and I found an interesting URL in the logs of a site I have that doesn’t even have a blog on it. BlogPulse is another statistical trends aggregator for weblogs. The key phrases and key people statistics are pretty cool, you can see what or who is the most prevalent blog topic on any given day.

Lastly, just in case you were wondering…

md.jpgYou are an enigma wraped in a mystery, you blog for yourself. You have your own reasons for doing what you do. We are still glad you’re here!

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  1. Ah, MT. You’ll either love it or hate it. I, myself love it. It’s my host I hate. Good luck!

  2. Oh, Robyn! You have no idea… This is the summer of purge and organize! <br><br>Why, just 10 minutes ago I went through a pile of Bird Talk magazines – 3 years worth – to peel the labels off. My bird club will sell them for 25 cents each during one of their education outreach events at local malls. Even though there are no more such events until the fall, I’ll take them to this month’s meeting on Thursday and give them to the events people. Let them store the mags for the summer instead of me. đŸ˜‰

  3. Think your bird club would be interested in more than six years of Vanity Fair, Biography, Out, and others? I have a hard time throwing out magazines too.<br><br>It would cost more to ship them than they are worth, however.

  4. I am so happy that I left blogspot–I left behind all the sporadic headaches, lack of access, random disappearances of archives, etc. I remain grateful to a free service that helped me to get started, but I’ve formed the opinion that once you’ve determined that you really like blogging and plan to continue for any length of time, it’s well worth the effort to find a more stable publishing method than blogger.<br><br>And I heart mt.

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