Thank You, Baby!

The parrot has learned to whistle this much of Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony. (Yes, that much of it!) It all started with my whistling the first four notes… da da da dum. Woodstock picked that up and Mel continued to teach him the rest of the famous intro, repeating it back to him many times. He was at it for weeks and weeks, practicing, it seems, almost non-stop. He’s pretty much been driving us nuts, to the point we’ve regretted encouraging it.

Eventually, Woodstock got close but he could never get the last note right. He would end up too high, screeching on the finish. We’d hear him start and each time we’d stop and listen to see if he was finally going to get it right. He never did. We figured he might not ever get it right.

A few days ago, Mel was sitting in the living room watching TV and I was in the office on the computer. The parrot was making a ruckus and then started to whistle Beethoven’s Fifth. This time he did it perfectly! I called out “Wow!” and Mel said to him “That was really good, Wood!” Woodstock replied to her “Thank you, baby.”

We were blown away. We never taught him to say ‘thank you’.


  1. Now if you can teach him to bite your nose when you start spilling plot details about Six Feet Under, he will be ~a truly useful bird~. :)<br><br>Are you making an mp3?

  2. HA! I was expecting to hear the parrot when I played the clip… unless he’s mastered sounding like an entire orchestra.<br><br>Do you and Mel say "Thank you, Baby" to each other? He probably picked it up from the both of you.

  3. Sorry to disappoint you, Chari. We don’t really have a way to tape him… he won’t do it in the office where the computer microphone is. The clip was to demonstrate how much of it he does know.<br><br>We don’t really say "Thank you, baby" to each other. At least, I don’t think so.<br><br>Joel! I can’t not talk about my favorite TV show, but next time I post about it I’ll be sure to warn you. 😉

  4. Ok, enough parrot-speak. I was just reading through your Amazon wish list (I’m bored, ok?!) and couldn’t help but laugh. You have the 8-minute workout book AND a book on ice-cream…..???? Hmmmmm……….

  5. Aren’t parrots great! We used to have a aFRICAN gREY-HE DIED OF AN ILLNESS :-(((((((<br>

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