Oh, Yeah!

In response to Edge and Chari: I just LOOOOVE my Hyundai Santa Fe. Love it. It’s a great ride, comfy and roomy with enough space for us, the dogs and all of our stuff. I’m really, really pleased with it, especially after driving it through this rotten, cold, and slushy winter. Looking forward to doing the first “spring cleaning” on it – the first really decent day that comes along and I am out there. I’m also looking forward to riding around with windows down and the sun roof open! In fact, we’re doing a little road trip this weekend….

We’re driving halfway to New Jersey this weekend to get our new doggie! Kibbles (whose name will be changed to Joxer, post haste, says Mel) will be coming home with us on Sunday. The adoption turned out to be a very long process, ridiculously long. It wasn’t really the fault of the all-volunteer rescue organization, but more about the woman who is fostering the dog. I’m not going to go into it just now, I think I’ll wait until the dog is in my possession. Several times, Mel just wanted to give up and start looking for another dog. After all, in most cities you can simply walk into the local pound or SPCA, pay the adoption fee, and walk out with a dog. (Almost) no questions asked.

Lastly, I almost split my gut last night reading a letter written by the Bombed Empress’ brother-in-law. (Check the April 7th entry.) This funny guy is a member of the British forces, his company just having reached Baghdad.


  1. We had looked into adopting a Min Pin awhile back before we got Rudy and the process was really beyond ridiculous. I’m totally in agreement with making sure the dog goes to a good home and not some kind of puppy mill or something, but some of the demands they make..to me are not necessary. You have all these dogs without homes, why make it to where good families give up on it because of all the red tape that there really is no point to. I know this would keep me from considering this type of adoption again…it’s just too much hassle. Just my feelings. But I hope everything works out great for you and your pooch!

  2. I love my Santa Fe also, and am actually contemplating washing her today (it’s nice down here in Houston today!). Mine is Silver, but no sun roof. It’s the only feature I don’t have that I would have liked, but oh well. Good luck with Joxer!!! We just got two puppies a month ago, and are… well… happy with them (for the most part). Don’t EVER get two puppies at once; it’s like having twins!

  3. Joxer is sooo cute! The Princess and I almost adopted a 1/2 chihuahua, 1/2 yorkie, that looked all chihuahua, except for these random, longish hairs that poked out here and there on her upper torso. She was so small, she fit in the palm of my hand. The Princess had picked the name "Cooper" for her.<br><br>Then, we remembered our three Siamese Cats at home and realized they’d skin her and her for a snack if we brought her home. {sigh} As soon as Duncan, our youngest cat, leaves home, we’ll get our puppies. Cooper and Rufus. :)<br><br>Let us know how thilde and joxer get along!

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