My Own Personal Martha Stewart

This is a photo of a Martha Stewart cake that Mel made yesterday. It is for a family birthday celebration at our house tonight, both my step-mother and I had birthdays this week. The cake itself is a carrot cake with cream cheese frosting made from a oft-used family recipe. The decorations are right out of Martha’s magazine. The gravel is crushed chocolate wafers, the grass is green sprinkles. The veggies, the basket and the fountain are all made of marzipan dyed with food coloring. I’m told the marzipan had a consistency similar to Play-Dough. Mel had fun making it but it was a huge amount of work… she was up until four o’clock this morning! I think she did a beautiful job.

Dinner will be herbed roast leg of lamb, fresh steamed asparagus (with gorgonzola crumbles for those who want it), and (I’m guessing) boiled red new potatoes either plain, or partially smashed with garlic and herbs. Fresh herbs – thyme, oregano, marjoram and rosemary – for the lamb and whatever else, came from Ms. Zipdrive’s garden. You could smell the express mail package from ten feet away before it was opened. My mouth is already watering, I can’t wait!

My wife is the greatest. It’s a good thing…


  1. Jilly it all started out with an innocent IM conversation. She said lamb, I said rosemary and the rest was U.S. Postal Service history.

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