Okay, so I’ve been gone a while and you’ve probably already seen these links elsewhere. Still, since I am overwhelmed by the cool factor for both, here they are anyway:

Ever wonder what to do with some of the books gathering dust on your shelves? Thinking about getting rid of them? The last time I got rid of books I donated them to my public library. This time I think I’ll join BookCrossing and set them free. It’ll be interesting to see where they end up! (Spotted on Androgynous Mind.)

What’s your blog worth? BlogShares is a fantasy stock-market game for weblogs and websites. Instead of losing real money in this economy, trade in shares of your favorite blogs. I’ve already bought shares in quite a few of the blogs I link to. I’d invite you all to buy shares in this blog but, at the moment, it’s not worth the threshold minimum to be listed on the exchange. Boohoo. I’m hopeful it will happen soon. (Pinched from The Boston Dyke, who also wishes to be bought, sold and traded.)

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