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But first… Happy birthday, Karen. I’m hoping you’re doing something fun for the big 5-0. I can’t wait to find out how the dinner with Melly as your date goes. Is she hot? Were your cronies jealous?

The fence will be installed tomorrow. Finally! Last weekend we worked super hard to get the privet hedges trimmed back so that the fence can be installed right up against them. The dirt and sore muscles are gone but the scratches on my arms are still there. It looks like I’ve been playing with a vicious cat.

Yesterday, I shopped for the Martha Stewart lawn furniture Mel wants for her birthday. They were out of stock on the stuff but I got a rain check for the sale price. Since we plan to spend lots of time outside with dogs, we figured we might as well be comfortable.

Almost every dog owner in the neighborhood knows we are getting the yard fenced. It seems like every time we go out walking we meet a dog we haven’t met before. If the girls show the slightest interest in the fellow four-legged, we end up issuing an invitation for play time. It seems there isn’t a day that goes by that Mel or I don’t tell the other about a dog we met, and “oh, by the way, honey, I invited them to come over.” I believe our newly fenced yard will be dog run central this summer.

We also got SuperSoakers last week. Between those and the hose, there will be no misbehaved doggies in the yard. Heheheh.

Yes, I know. We’re obsessed. “Mental-sick” as Mel would say.


  1. Had a blast, met Melly and we all got loaded.<br>The rest of the details are a bit fuzzy, but I am told it was fun!

  2. That’s a really great thought! I wish we had some cool neighbors with a fenced yard we could take the dogs to. Bet you’re gonna have lots of fun out there!

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