Oh, that’s just great!

I just want to thank that bitch my friend Karen Zipdrive for getting this blog listed here:


Go ahead, have a look. Her entry is listed two-thirds of the way down the page.


  1. I dont mean to bug you, but the add in the top of your page says:<br>"Dirty birds and pigeons?<br>All Stainless steel spike barrier! Ultimate pigeon & pest bird removal"<br><br>Blogspot should really consider getting some more greybird-friendly adds :-)<br><br>

  2. Interestingly, the ads at the top always seem to be related to the blog. Eerily, so. Right now I am looking at an ad for Verizon DSL which I wrote about yesterday. Just underneath that is another ad entitled ‘Looking for an ISP?’ which is exactly what I will be doing if Verizon doesn’t resolve my problem.<br><br>A while back I posted about getting a region-free DVD player. Guess what the ads were about for a few days after that?

  3. I heart Karen Zipdrive, she has got to be the funniest woman in our blog community… really cracks me up :D<br><br>I also enjoyed "that bitch/my friend", nothing like a true friendship 🙂

  4. Wauw! Now the add says: <br>"Electronic Dog Training"<br>This is becoming somewhat a sport to see what the adds are for 🙂

  5. Dear Rectal Itcher,<br>Gee, I can’t believe you scanned that whole list of links seeking your link to that pesky problem.<br>We love you regardless of your itchy sphincter, that’s all that’s really important here. <br>Hey, when’s your next vacation? I’m itchin’ to be your guest blogger!<br>

  6. While I’m the first in line to visit pages that mention rectal itching, my friendly office computer has that page blocked. Damn.<br><br>Current ad: "Dog Training Career" and "Dog Obedience Training."

  7. I don’t know what to say, but I had to make an appearance. Now you know that I know about your little problem. I have it too. Email me.

  8. Bird and Melly, I hope that you can compare notes to end this pesky condition. See? My inadvertant mistake may have caused relief for both of you. It’s a God thing!

  9. Bwahaha!!!! But the real question(s) of the day is: "Do you feel better now? Or are you still suffering from that itch?"

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