Happy St. Patrick’s Day

We went to the parade yesterday, it was long but fun. It was really the first really nice day we’ve seen – 58 degrees and sunny. About 175,000 people showed up. It seemed like way more than any other year I’ve been. Lots of partying in the streets and packed bars. I think everyone just felt a release yesterday because of the weather. I didn’t drink much but fell down anyway. The subway steps were slippery. I slid down about four steps on my rear after my feet flew out from under me and I landed on my tailbone. It was a good thing I had hold of the handrail so I didn’t slide all the way to the bottom. Fortunately, I didn’t break anything and only have a few small bruises. I just feel a bit sore today.

For those who’ve been looking for me, I’m busier than usual these days! Here’s a quick fill-in…

I took on another (supposedly) small freelance job. Unfortunately, my client is being a royal pain by micro-managing every detail to death. I’ve already informed him that he has blown the estimate I gave him out of the water because of the number of changes he continues to request and that the bottom line on the invoice will be significantly different than the estimate. I am seriously regretting taking on this job because it has become time sucking drudgery. The final product will not be added to my portfolio. I cannot wait for this to be over!

Little Miss Thilde is back at obedience classes on Tuesday nights. This time for a graduate family companion class, at the end of which she could get a Canine Good Citizen certficate. So far, things are going well but she still has trouble with sit-stay and down-stay. She has far too much energy and curiosity to hold still that long; she’s always distracted! At least Thilde gets some relief from her drudgery because she is now also going to agility classes on Friday nights! Here she gets to run through tunnels, go over jumps and navigate many other obstacles. She absolutely loves it and is very quick to tackle (and conquer) any new obstacle. We could have a little star on our hands.

I’ll blame Nancy at jillmatrix.com for this next bit of news…

We are getting another dog. A while back she wrote about her very small dog braving the snow and posted a link to a photo that was a likeness of him. A very cute photo! I had never heard of rat terriers before and off I went to do some research. After a while, I ended up at Ratbone Rescues and that was all she wrote. I wanted about half the dogs on there. After showing the site to Mel, we narrowed it down to about eight dogs and filled out the application. Not that we were gonna get eight! No, no, we only want one but we were being flexible in our selection so that we didn’t get disappointed. Indeed, after three long weeks we received a reply and several of the dogs we considered were in the process of being adopted.

So, our application is now pending on this dog. These rescue people don’t mess around either… we’ve had a phone interview, they’ve called our references, I’ve talked to the dog’s ‘foster mom’ and we’re having a home visit this Friday. This is very different than going to the city shelter or the SPCA and picking up a dog and taking it home for a fee, no questions asked (or hardly any asked). It’s like we’re adopting a kid or something.

Why another dog? We learned that our older dog, the Westie, is in the beginning stages of renal failure. She is okay right now, on a special diet and some beneficial vitamins and minerals. Mel is looking into some other treatments for her too. Thilde is too much for her though and we want her to be able to retire from being the surrogate mom, babysitter, etc., and live out her days peacefully on the couch. So, we really need a playmate for Thilde. Also, we thought if she were to spend time with another dog that the eventual passing of the older dog would be a bit easier on her. (Not that it will be easier on us!)

When it rains it pours…

About six months ago, Mel and I were very interested in adopting a cockatoo that would be a rescue bird. The president of the bird club I belong to knew someone who had given up two of her three birds and she was expected to give up her third bird, the cockatoo. After a lot of effort on the part of the president, it became clear the woman had decided she could handle the one remaining bird and wasn’t going to give it up. So, we all pretty much gave up on the idea. Guess who called this week just after Mel and I decided to pursue the dog adoption? Too late. We cannot now adopt a cockatoo and a dog… two birds and three dogs is a bit much. Not to mention the strain of the vet bills on my wallet.

Anyway, that’s all for now. No, Shari, I’m not playing Unleashed – as much as I wish I was! I’ve been so busy I’m down to once a week now for The Sims Online! I’ll try to update a bit more often… I have a feeling I’m going to need to do some venting soon.


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