Food for Thought?

My girl sent me a link to this article called When Democracy Failed: The Warnings of History. It’s very interesting and worth reading. If it’s true, it’s both prophetic and frightening. But, I know not to believe everything I read. Although it sounds plausible, I can’t judge for myself how true it really is… I wasn’t alive during that period of history and I’ve never been a student of history. Also, I don’t know the author or the motivations of the site it’s posted on. Go see for yourself… let me know what you think.


  1. Comparing Bush to Hitler will become more common as he continues to act in similar ways.<br>While Rudy Giulliani rose to the occasion after 9/11 and elevated his stature as a political leader, Bush has done the opposite.

  2. The similarities are so close, it’s terrifying. I’ve been seeing this all along and it’s only getting worse. Everything in this article is in-line with historical facts..and history is repeating itself, whether the people of this country want to realize it or deny it. I can only hope that the people wake up before it’s too late this time.

  3. Bird you better hope Barcodie doesn’t get wind of this. As the self appointed arbiter of True Americanism, he’ll chew your ass out for fanning the flames of mutiny.

  4. Anne, I keep my hope alive by continuing to speak. Bush has not yet moved to imprison dissidents, but you are ever so right to be cautious and watching for a back exit.

  5. Wow. Again, I say wow. I had already compared Bush and Hitler earlier on my blog… it wasn’t too popular a comparison at that time.<br><br>When they chose the new name for the new Department, I couldn’t believe they’d chosen one with the word "Homeland" in it. It still chaps my ass. And I work for them.<br><br>Change things from within… it’s worked for me before on other issues.<br><br>The best tool we have in this day and age is information. Keep it flowing and keep it truthful. We’re in for a rough ride, thanks to what’s going on now. But we’ve got some excellent leaders waiting in the wings, still cutting their teeth. We need to keep the door open for them.

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