Thanksgiving was very nice, thanks. Mel cooked a turkey breast and we made all the trimmings. The Bombed Empress came to eat with us and then Mel went to work. BE and I went to see Far from Heaven. It was a pretty good drama, not very exciting though. Afterwards we had pie for dessert. Then BE went home and I played The Sims Online (TSO) more.

Mel and I, along with Jael, are still play testing TSO. We just finished building a property for the fourth time and are keeping our fingers crossed that we won’t have to do it a fifth time. Since it’s pre-release software the servers have been reset several times and we’ve lost everything, having to start over each time. Supposedly, the final version of the game will be released December 17th, so there shouldn’t be any more resets between now and then. This game has been my hardcore addiction since mid-October… I’m working through it though. I figure by the time the game ends up under Christmas trees and (potentially hundreds of) thousands of newbies sign on in one day, that I’ll have had enough. Just maybe.

We got slammed with snow last night and today. With more yet to come, supposedly. Last night there was thunder and lightning and so much snow I couldn’t see anything out of my windows. If you’ve never experienced it, thunder and lightning during snowstorms is very strange, spooky even.

I did get a chance to put the all-wheel-drive on my new vehicle to the test when I picked up Mel from work last night. It rocks! I’m so glad I got the Santa Fe in time for the winter. I should note that I know that having this kind of vehicle doesn’t give me license to be an asshole on the road. So many people think SUVs and trucks make them invincible in bad weather. Those people probably cause as much of a problem on the road as the weather itself does. I can’t tell you how many times someone driving an SUV has blown past me in bad weather at an unsafe speed for the conditions.

I’ve decided not to bother with the Nielsen NetRatings thing for now. Considering all the surfing I do from work is Hotmail, my blog, your blog and the TSO players site, along with the occaisional legitimate work-related research, I figure they don’t need those stats. I rarely visit any of the top 40, news, sports and weather sites their marketers would be interested in counting.

I have a big year-end project list at work. I need to get it all done before the end of next week so that I can be off for the last two weeks of the year. It’s silly I have that much vacation time left after the big European vacation a few months ago. Regardless, the semester is drawing to a close. Then this place is a dead zone until after the first of the year so it would be hard to get stuff done with everyone gone anyway.

Naturally, my home project list for my time off is insane… but, I’ll likely be playing TSO. Ahhhh… vacation. Here I come!


  1. I have found myself getting addicted to the Sims, although I haven’t yet played online… it’s weird, but I can sit there nearly all day and it feels like no time has passed. Scary. My Sims are doing very well, so I’m pleased. πŸ™‚ <br><br>

  2. Hmmm….well i did load TSO….with a 111.5Mb patch (geesh!!!!)….and I am SO BORED of it, i can’t tell u. Think I’ll stick to games that involve killing people……much more therapeutic!!!! I have enough trouble with flesh and blood people, why inflict digital ones on me as well…….<br><br>Oh yeah…there was thunder last night? REALLY? Must have slept through that…..lol

  3. You should make a Chari & The Princess Sim Family. And of course, the long distance couple, Karen & Aviva. Make us all independently wealthy… πŸ™‚

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