A Sign…

Yes, I’m still alive. I never intended to take a full week break from blogging. I’m busy. No, make that f*ckin’ busy. The demands on my time have come crashing down all at once. I’ve worked all weekend. I just got up in the middle of writing this to sweep a mess of onion skins off the kitchen floor. A misbehaving puppy managed to get a hold of a mesh bag with one remaining onion and a lots of skins. She is bored. The dogs are now barking at each other. I am working. The bird is whistling and clucking from the other room. I am whistling back in hopes that he doesn’t start full scale sound effects. Did I mention I’m trying to work? Grrrr… not happy.

I’l be back soon, I hope.


  1. Just fill out this form:<br><br>I am feeling ________. The job is getting ________. I wish I could take another vacation, this time in __________. The puppy’s color is now __________. My favorite blogger is ________. I wish I could retire and blog __________.<br><br>See, it’s simple!

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