Spank You

This will be my last post for this session of guest-blogging. (*light applause*) Grey Bird will be returning this Sunday. She’ll shake the cobwebs out of her blog, point it in the right direction and will hopefully regain some of her reading faithful. Karen and I were blogging idiots fools during this German Blogfest at the start, but life took hold and we became slaves to events and occurances beyond our control…

There was Karen painting her sister’s walls, contemplating returning to the corporate grind and telling people to bite her. Me, I was busy getting stung in the face by a hornet, getting my hair cut for the first time in four months, and telling people to bite me. You know, important stuff.

So, I now return control of this blog where it rightfully belongs. To Grey Bird. But of course, we all eagerly await Karen’s farewell post…

*UPDATE* Karen was posting at the exact time I was… wow. And I, like Karen would like to thank the three people and the one cat that posted comments during our time.


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