Spittin’ Mad

So, I get home and I’m all excited because the digital camera I bought online for mail-order arrived today. I was happy, it had been delivered a day early.

I carefully cut open the packing box, push aside the styro-nuts and pull out the packing slip. Upon first glance I notice that the camera box seems shop-worn, dog-eared. Immediately, I am suspicious. I pull it out and the box rattles. Uh-oh, this is not a good sign, I’m thinking. I don’t ever remember buying anything that rattled before it was opened the first time. Most manufacturers pack their stuff really well.

I carefully open the box. USA warranty, check. Sealed software, check. Cords and manual, both have wrinkled packaging. They were definitely opened previously. Lift the inner divider to reveal the camera itself. It’s not wrapped in plastic. The first thing I notice is that there’s a ding on the underside of it. It looked like it had been hastily thrown into the bottom of the box. It’s upside down, not sitting in the cardboard cradle, no protective packaging anywhere. I pick up the camera and notice that the LCD and viewfinder are filthy. It’s obviously used. It also seems the smart media card is missing.

Now I am pissed. I don’t even care if the thing works or not. It’s going back. How could they think they could get away with shipping me their used shit? Like Joel, I never asked to join that club. Of course, customer service was closed. Only sales was open and incapable of doing anything other than taking orders.

When I do connect with customer service tomorrow, I’ll inform them that they have exactly one day to make it right. They must overnight a new camera to arrive on Wednesday. They must issue a call tag and pick up this used one. None of this may cost me one penny then I’ve already spent. If they can’t do it, I will simply return it. (Fortunately, I hadn’t given up my old one yet.) They will not charge me their 10% restocking fee. If they try, I’ll dispute the charge with my credit card issuer. They’ll also get a bad review everywhere I could possibly leave one online.

I had done the research, gotten a great price and had purchased from a seemingly reputable company with good reviews. I need this right now like I need… you know.


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