Nearly Gone

I’ve been super busy tying up Mel the last minute details for my trip. I leave tomorrow before noon.

As you already know, I’ve given virtual house keys to Karen and Chari, two of the funniest women in blogland. They were so excited they couldn’t even wait until I was gone to start posting parodies of the Grey Bird. Since I’m only occaisionally amusing, it brings me a warm fuzzy feeling to know that my five regular readers will be so well entertained while I’m on vacation. Also, select portions of my travel diary will be made available to you via Karen and Chari’s extra-sensory-perception skills. I’ll be channeling them daily… So girls, pay attention will you? We’ll compare notes when I get back.

Anyway, if you see that my plants need to be watered or the mailbox is overflowing, go over to TECHFLUID or PulpFriction and give my subs a poke. (No, not that kind, get yer mind outta the gutter.)

Just in case you’re wondering, the itinerary is roughly this:

Aug 22 – Fly from Toronto to Stuttgart via London. Stay in the Stuttgart area until
Aug 28 – Scenic train from Stuttgart to Vienna. Stay in the Vienna area until
Sep 04 – Fly from Vienna to London. Stay in London until
Sep 08 – Fly from London to Toronto.

Other than this, I really have no idea what I’ll be doing, where I’ll be visiting and what I’ll be seeing. This is auntie’s trip and I’m just along for the ride. Oh, but I will be doing this on Sep 05, I’ve already booked the tickets. Don’tcha just love the internet?

Auf Wiedersehn!


  1. the eye is really, really cool. went on it, and thoroughly enjoyed it. also…go to First Out on Tottenham Court Road. it’s dodgy to find..but i could point you in the right direction if you are interested. nice gay cafe with good food.

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