Bored But Busy

Not much to say. Just making lists, thinking of things I gotta get together for the upcoming European vacation. Trying to decide whether to buy a slightly larger suitcase or a really great backpack that has wheels and a handle. Maybe a new digital camera.

Need to figure out what kind of gift to bring my hosts. In Germany, mom and I will be staying with her first cousin and his wife. I’m assuming they are around mom’s age and I don’t know anything about them. In Austria, we’ll stay with some other cousins who own a vineyard. Gifts must be easily transported, not perishable (although food is not completely excluded), not easily broken and not totally stupid. Any ideas?

Of course, luggage, cameras and gifts all depend on having some cash. I need to get the proceeds check from the house sale pronto. I don’t even know how much it ended up being. (That reminds me, the attorney’s office didn’t bother to call back when they said they would. Perhaps they’ll need to be gently reminded to get it together.)


  1. In Sweden, it’s often liquor that’s the present… probably because it’s so incredibly expensive here.<br><br>Other than that, I have no ideas. I’m really awful about presents.

  2. I am the Cat in the Hat.<br><br>As for gifts…always bring some silly gift like a keychain with the bigger nicer gift. Like cheese…althou, they have good cheese in Europe. Hmm…dang, this is hard!

  3. i’m trying to think what i used to come here to buy….it was clothes/CDs and bedding (sheets used to be really good here). not really anything that i can think of being typically American or that I’d say take. i’d go along with the cook/take them out option….although chocolates usually go down well as a little thank you…..but make sure they’re American otherwise it looks silly!

  4. Chocolates. Godivas. Nothing too nutty or chewy.<br>Truffles would work well. <br>Germans love sweets and Godivas are very pretty. Sehr gut, Shatzi.<br>

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