Superwoman at Large

We’ve started the final clean up at the house I’m selling while I wait for the bank appraiser to call for an appointment. Yesterday, I went over and hauled a bunch of trash to the curb. Today, Mel went over to bring the trach cans in, mow the lawn and dig up some flowers that we planted a few years ago and wanted to keep. Then she came home and re-planted the flowers. After that, she cleaned the house, then she cooked dinner. She worked hard all day. I thanked her and told her how much I appreciated her help…

“Hon, thank you so much. You really hauled ass today.”

“No kidding, I’m exhausted” she said. “Oh, and your girlfriend ‘s ass is so big that hauling it required two trips is so fat that hauling ass required two trips.” [I was corrected.]


  1. having just taken care of all the piddly crap involved with moving, i can tell you what a babe Mel is!! good luck with the sale…

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